With your support, we provide 248,400 substantial meals each year to hungry children at Suubi Children’s Center


Sponsorship provides two hot, filling meals per day for over 225 children at Suubi Christian School. These children are among the most vulnerable in their community. This daily nutrition stabilizes their health and enables them to learn in school. Trying to focus on what the teacher is saying is difficult when a child hasn’t eaten for one or two days. Our hot breakfast and lunch programs ease the burden of nutrition on the child’s family by making food go further at home.


Small family businesses like raising a steer every year, selling used clothing, or opening a small store to sell sugar, salt, and rice have a direct effect on hungry families. In Bukeka, the average adult makes 75 cents per day. Increasing the family income makes the goal of putting food on the family table every night possible. Small business loans and business training change the lives of whole families, breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


Uganda’s climate is perfect for many kinds of farming and agriculture. Unfortunately, current farming practices exhaust the land and lead to decreased yield. Farming experts help support the development of farming by demonstrating environmentally sound agricultural practices on the Suubi farm. Large scale community projects like chicken farming introduce the community to the ideas of working together to create a profit.


Sponsoring a Suubi student provides an education that will change the life of a child and change the future of...
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