Kory Kaeb – Lifesong Representative

Kory has worked at Lifesong since 2012, serving as Vice President of Operations and orphan advocate, focused on financial management, organizational stewardship, outcome measurement, staff development and program quality.  Prior to Lifesong, Kory served as Vice President of Operations at Easter Seals Central Illinois and has a degree in physical therapy, working with children with special needs.  He also serves on his church’s outreach committee and coaches youth sports.  Kory and his wife Megan are adoptive parents with 6 children; Mya, Simon, Jonah, Sean, Suhn, and Zak.

Lifesong for Orphans provides administrative support for non-profits that serve vulnerable children around the world.  Global Hands of Hope is thankful for Lifesong’s service, processing donations and meeting the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability.  Lifesong guarantees that 100% of each donation goes to the ministry and purpose for which it was given.