With a little help we all can fly!

Children need a safe place to live. In order to thrive, children need to be free from the fear of harm. In safety, they begin to grow wings and eventually learn to fly.

When Suubi school closed its doors because of the government shutdown, we witnessed the danger our students experienced when they returned home. Unfortunately, many of our students face the fear of harm in their homes each and every day.

Child safety experts now declare that domestic abuse and child pregnancy are national crises in Uganda.  These threatening situations confront our students daily. The trauma of these experiences endanger their future health and wellbeing. But together, we can guarantee our children freedom from fear. 

When children are safe, they begin to grow wings and eventually learn to fly.

You can protect the children.

We will not let our children live in fear.  By God’s grace, we have decided to build four new Safe Houses to protect our children – our new design is featured above.   The motto above the front door of each house is, “With a little help we all can fly”.

A Safe House provides shelter for 32 children, and costs $50,000 to build.

Your donation will help us start construction on the Safe Houses immediately, which will ultimately protect 128 children from abuse. With the support of our generous partners, we hope to raise $200K to fully complete four safe houses and give our students a safe place to live as soon as possible. 

  Every penny will go towards giving our children a safe place to sleep.

Thank you so much for giving our children hope. Because of your support, our children can live free from fear and learn to fly.

– Ronnie Nalera, Founder of Global Hands of Hope