There’s a little girl in the medical center today; a nurse is poking a needle into her frail hand.

In Rachel’s* nine years of life she’s experienced far more heartache than any child deserves. Rachel’s immune system is very weak, injured by years of poor nutrition & illness. She sits quietly on the hospital bed and her eyes follow Nurse Sylvia’s hands as she works. Rachel’s body did not respond well to the standard malaria treatment, so today she is receiving IV therapy.

Rachel’s shy smile will light up a room, an insight into the incredible resilience of a child. You see, just over eight years ago Rachel’s young mother, overwhelmed by the circumstances in her life choose to leave the baby girl with her elderly mother in law. Rachel’s grandmother was her sole caregiver and provider for several years till she passed away. At just three years old, Rachel was sent to live with yet another relative who reluctantly agreed to care for her.

Rachel came to Suubi Children’s Center as a student and in the beginning was able to stay with her family. When her only capable relative unfortunately passed away, Rachel came to live permanently in the girl’s Safe House.  Now she is surrounded by loving guardians and over two hundred other children to play with and learn alongside. The medical staff is able to closely monitor her health, teachers are guiding her to a bright future, & a house mother cares for her emotional needs. Most importantly, Rachel is being taught about her Heavenly Father. She knows that He loves and values her, and that she is cherished. 

Our holistic approach provides a stable structure where children don’t just survive, they thrive.

Children just like Rachel have access to quality healthcare without the common barriers. Our medical center is staffed with nurses, a lab technician, a physician’s assistant and one of the five doctors in the Kayunga District.

We want you to know that you’re an important part of this work too! We know the impact you’ve made & will continue to make on the lives of children like Rachel, countless families & even communities.

The Suubi Medical Center is currently located in the same building as our early education classrooms. Little children practice their alphabet by following the letters painted on the outside walls of the building as sick patients sit and wait their turn inside. The Ugandan government is requiring the urgent move of our facilities to a location off site to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases to our students & staff. This is why we need your help.

Reaching the goal of $60,000 will enable us to move the clinic’s operations to a location better equipped to safely serve the highly populated area. Will you partner with us to make this move?

select “GHOH Capital”

By check (mail to) Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40, Gridley, IL 61744 (GHOH Capital in the memo)

Your gift will change lives.

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes