Meet Jacinta!

Jacinta is a happy 11 year old who lives in Uganda. She is an excellent seventh grade student at Suubi Christian School. Jacinta is a sweet, intuitive child who wants to be a midwife someday! Her passion can be seen in the way that she feels when a mother in her very own village loses her baby, or dies in childbirth.

Jacinta loves reading books, especially folk tales. The new library at Suubi is one of her favorite places to be! She can often be found singing songs, and listening to music during her free time.
Because Jacinta does not have a sponsor, her mother often worries about how her education will be provided for in the future. Her father died when she was two years old, leaving behind four children and his wife who lives with HIV.

Jacinta knows that Jesus loves her, and she often prayed for a sponsor who would help her continue receiving an education from Suubi Christian School. God answered her prayer!


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