Bukeka is no ordinary village. It is a deprived village that was ravaged by HIV/AIDS and malaria in 2000, claiming the lives of many parents and youth. This resulted in many orphaned children. Villagers here survive on hope; only fate brings the next morning and of course, the day’s meals.

“District officials and the government have abandoned us’’, says Asuman Seguya, the community mobilization chief. ‘‘We live because God still wants us alive’’.

A speeding car draws the attention of all. Here, riding on a boda boda (motorbike) or a bicycle is a luxury; most men and women walk barefoot.

At home, children don school uniforms. If a malnourished, bare-chested boy with mucus dripping down his nose is dressed in torn shorts, chances are high that the next youngster has only a worn-out shirt, and no trousers!

While in Bukeka, one smells, sees and touches poverty.

In the estimated 53 mile journey from the capital city of Kampala to Bukeka, you’ll notice how dehumanizing and ugly a mark deprivation leaves on a family and society’s face. But amidst this cruel environment, Global Hands of Hope strives to give hope to Bukeka orphans, needy children and the community.

GHoH’s mission is to restore hope to a hopeless generation.

Written by Ritah Nalera, Co founder of Global Hands of Hope Uganda